03 Oct

Serial killers are people who continuously murder people within a specific time frame and keep doing it for a long time. There are many famous serial killers that have gone down history as some of the most horrific murderers. There has been an argument whether the serial killers are born with the urge to kill, or it is something they develop in their upbringing. There are different reasons as to why different killers have needed to kill. Some people say it is something genetic while some argue it is their upbringing and environment that they grow in.

One of the motives serial killers do what they do is the fact that they have the lust for blood. Some killers say that they are just obsessed with the act, and they want to see the blood and someone crying for help. Most of these killers start with some small and animals and before they realize they are killing people. People have weird obsessions, and unfortunately for these killers, it is the blood. Some people think that the killer ought to have a deeper reason why they do this, but most of the killers give the same answer. Learn more about american serial killers or read more facts.

Another reason or motive for the serial killers is the fact that they might belong to a cult. There are many cults that exist, and some of them believe in the shedding of blood. To belong in these cults, one has to prove their courage and the worth, so they have to kill people to fulfill their beliefs. The serial killers either join the cults willingly or they are lured into them by others who are already in them. Some of the beliefs of these cults might not be believable or might be complicated to understand until you are a member.

Some people also kill because they want to revenge or they want to deal with rejection. People who are bitter about someone or something that happened to them might be mentally unstable, and so they resort to killing as a way of letting it out. People could be bitter with someone for different reasons and they not only want to kill that one person, but once they have done it, they feel that they should kill more. Some serial killers have one gender that they target and most of the time the females are the victims. The serial killers trap you, and they end up torturing and eventually killing you. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/garry-rodgers/how-to-avoid-being-murder_b_8707446.html.

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