Learning More About Serial Killers

03 Oct

A Serial killer is usually a person who deliberately murders or kills three or more people usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification, guilt or any other disturbance. The murders take place within specified period of time like say a month. Here one offender is acting a lone and gets involved in killing of three or more people and is committed to separate events . Many institutions and people from all over have argued a lot about the definition of the words'serial killer' ,they have linked it to many things which have happened in the past. There are so many definitions that are problematic and each and everyone goes with what they think is right.

Serial killers are however defined by some traits and characteristics that have been studied and eventuall connected to serial killing. Serial killers are thought to exhibit varying degrees of mentla illness or psychopathy. These persons are deemed to have some mental disorders that contribute to their homicidal behaviour . The behaviour is consistent with traits common to some serial killers and it includes, impulsivity, predatory behaviour etc. To add on that serial killers were often abused  . Most serial killers were either abused emotionally , physically or sexually by family member or loved ones. They are thought to be dealt with badly especially being abandoned, hurt or any sexual act like rape. The abuse makes them want to kill some other people because they feel unaccepted and psychologically hurt. More on that they may be more likely to engage in fetishism, necrophilia. Here it involves  a strong tendency to experience the object of erotic interest. They see everything as  almost  a representation of the symbolized item or body. See the top serial killers or visit this site for more about serial killers.

As if that is not enough, they possess another characteristic , of generally average or low average IQ . Most of the serial killers are thought to have little or low personal relationships with other people and thus they do not interact, socialize and associate with the public well. There IQ has been determined and any person with that is thought to become one but this has been argued against because we have so many people with the same IQ level but who are normal. Another trait is that they were frequently bullied and socially isolated as children or teenagers. Most of the serial killers exhibit a trait whereby it is thought that parents neglected them or bullied them like cyber bullying or any other kind of bullying. With that often bullying they resorted to becoming serial killers because of suffering mentally , the attack by guilt or anger . Lastly serial killers are often in problems finding and staying employed and thus prefer or tend to work in menial jobs. They are thought to be the way they are because they come from unstable families or have no jobs to attend to . They were then prompted to become serial killers in the event since they can't sustain themselves. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/diane-dimond/orange-county-serial-killer_b_1222710.html.

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